Thursday, May 30, 2013

The flight over....

9 May 2013   

(I'm feeling compelled to write my dates in the European/African format for the next few weeks)

The Flight Over....

Is it the anticipation of the trip, setting out on the journey, the destination, or the memories that are the best part of traveling?  

One thing I know is it is not sitting folded up up like a dormant locust, waiting for what seems like seventeen years to be released, while riding coach overseas on a Delta flight.  I am tall, and Delta should not really be my airline of choice, but it seems to be the one that works the most easily to get me to my destinations.  Just the simple act of crossing my legs looks like one of my cats trying to groom her inner thigh with her leg stuck straight up in the air.  I remember when I was younger and executed that type of move for entirely different reasons, but now I was just simply making a fool of myself.  Not really an attractive sight, but I guess the positive spin on this is that I'm still able to stick my leg straight up in the air.  One day I may actually miss that....

So the countdown, which started a few months ago, has brought the beginning of this journey to Morocco into our lives.  Right now we are crossing over the tip of northeastern Canada, directly over Labrador and  Newfoundland.  I love the real time maps that we can tune into while flying.  In fact, Greenland just came into view and somehow that just seems very cool to me.  We are about halfway there to our first stop in Bruxelles, Belgium.

Our lovely dinner of chicken something or other is finished and everyone has pretty much settled in for the rest of the journey.  I love walking back to the bathroom when the passengers are trying to sleep.  Not a pretty sight with mouths hanging open, people sleeping face down on their pull-out trays (been there done that one many a time!), heads are bobbing and jerking as people fall in and out of sleep, and some people look like blue ghosts with the Delta blankets draped over their heads.  Like I said, very entertaining!

So, the baby has finally stopped crying, the line to the restroom is down to four people, Steve is sleeping which is how I was able to confiscate the iPad, and the sneezing, wretched coughing and hacking around us has settled into a nice rhythm.

Coach is in fact not much different than our regular daily lives, just a lot less leg room.

....Steve and Cynthia, working their way to Morocco!

Moving flight map below - 30 minutes out from landing in Morocco!

View of Casablanca unfolding below.....

We have arrived!