Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Snail Shopping

Reactivating my blog means I have to actually start writing again!  I should have thought of that sooner.....but until that happens I will post a few things I have written along the way, and eventually the new writings will overtake the old stuff!  With a trip to Morocco looming in the immediate future (37 days and counting!) I know I am about to throw myself headfirst into a sea of inspiration for future blogs.  In the meantime, however, just so I can get my groove back on, I will be relying on my unpublished archives of miscellaneous thoughts.  So, here ya go!........

Today, November 23rd 2011, I am 52 and 14 days old. Earlier today I was asked by Steve to do something I have never done before in my life. He wanted me to go buy a live snail with him!

This had suddenly become a major focal point on the Wednesday to-do list.  The aquarium I gave him for his birthday was being taken over by algae and apparently a small snail was going to be given the task of cleaning up this mess.  Caught up with the other important things in my life like laundry, vacuuming, and some pretend dusting around the house I decided “why not?”  How often does one get invited to go snail shopping? I bet none of you reading this article have.     

In the back of my mind I still think there is time in my life to become a game warden and move to Africa and rescue all of the wildlife before they go extinct. 

However, when I look at what I have generally mapped out for my average daily existence I will admit that I might just be in a teeny tiny state of denial about the reality of accomplishing this goal. It’s not that it can’t be done, but there obviously are other significant things for me to achieve while here on earth, snail shopping being one of them.

The good news is I will be able to check that off my bucket list soon, it appears.

Unless of course I jilt him at the last minute and declare “I am not going to stand for it anymore! I am fifty-two and I want to do other things with my life besides shop for a snail!”

I had not verbalized this yet when we pulled into the parking lot at Petco. Struck by a moment of clarity I realized that Jo-Ann Fabrics was right next door! What a stroke of luck! I hopped out of the car and waved “see ya! I’m off to Jo-Ann Fabrics instead!” Steve looked surprised and ever so slightly disappointed that I would not be sharing this moment with him. I felt a twinge of guilt. Oh wait a minute, no I didn’t! I skipped off to the fabric store and went and hung out with the leopard skin prints. It may not be Africa, but I know how to make the best of any situation I am handed!

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