Monday, February 17, 2014

My best friend is town! (please sing along to the tune of' Santa Claus is Coming to Town!)

Here we are, drinking champagne of course!

Ooohh...You'd better watch out, cause we're gonna cry,
and laugh so hard that spit might fly....
My best friend is coming, to town!

She's seen me when I'm drinking,
She knows when I am fake,
I've been in all her weddings and...
she knows I hate to bake!
She worked out until giving birth,
I have no kids, just cats,
I am 6'1 she's 5'1",
We are a perfect match!

Well, I am just so darned excited to see Kim I can hardly stand it! We are so alike and at the same time so different it is one of the keys to the long term survival of our treasured friendship.

Me - talking on the phone with Kim many months ago... "OMG it has been sooo long since we've seen each other - seems like forever!  I can't even remember the last time we were together!

Kim - "It has been eight years, four months and,,,three, no wait, four days since our last visit". 

She has a very organized brain, and I don't.  Not to say I don't have some sense about me, but I see things loosely in colour and shape and she is like a Swiss clock.

She is a fashion maven, always accessorized, flawless make-up and yet totally natural.  I have worn the same pair of earrings for the last two years and I don't own any close-toed shoes.

We share a mutual love of champagne, brie cheese, laughing so hard until you cry and snort, travel, roasted vegetables, ...finding the perfect chips and salsa ( a lifelong mission).  We also share a love of cooking, and even more so a love of drinking while cooking.  No doubt the majority of our time together next week will be spent talking about food, planning our meals, shopping for the food, cooking the food while Latin music blares in the background, drinking wine, and eventually sitting outside on the lanai to enjoy our dinner on a warm Florida evening.
Hmmm, I wonder what Steve is going to be doing next week, seeing as I have big plans!

To do list before Kim arrives:

Find my waist
Lose 10, if not 30, pounds
Locate stabilizers for arm flab
Order a case of Gloria Ferrer Blanc de Noir Champagne (ok, two cases)
Brie cheese - buy lots of it
Find Chi Omega senior class composite picture so we can talk about everyone
Bring out photo album from the summer of 1980 when we went to school together in Spain
De-fur entire house of cat hair dust bunnies
Remember to get food for the refrigerator
Change out all dead plants
Boxes of Kleenex strategically placed at all points around house where crying or extreme laughter may occur.

What a grand week this will be!  

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