Monday, November 3, 2014

Kitty Cat Lovin'!

The delays have begun...checking Facebook and napping cats, a deadly combo!
I’m never sure why we decide we need to do something in a specific moment, but this morning it happened again as we determined that the cats' ears all needed cleaning, right then, in that split second.

Never mind there might be other things that could appear as priorities to most of the rest of the world; like bills to pay, missed deadlines on painting commissions, piles of dirty laundry tripping us as we walk from the bedroom to the closets, and just the fact that we should consider getting to work early for a change.

And a giant mess looming on and around my desk of filing and half-completed projects, a data entry pile that now provides shelter during high winds, piles of overdue correspondence, and way too many electrical cords lying around for the 15 devices we have that need charging every six hours it seems.  Honestly, sometimes I’m a mystery even to myself.

I can hear you,so obviously my ears don't need cleaning.
But the kitties – when it comes down to it they are our priority, in addition to being the primary reason we tend to run late for most everything.

You want to do what?
They are manipulative little beings who bring on their charm in order to get their way - more pounce treats, extra mushy food, full body brushing with the "special" comb, and regular pawdicures where they lay on their backs purring, slightly tucked heads buried into Steve's chest, paws extended while he snips away with tiny clippers to trim the razor sharp needles that are scratching my bamboo floors and shredding my favourite chair. 

Most often pawdicures happen on the lanai in the morning while we drink our coffee.  I drink mine with my other hand covering the top to avoid flying toenail shrapnel that will land in my coffee, speaking from past experience.  I’m a quick learner.

Interesting to probably no one but Steve and me, we have over the years chosen to have a monochromatic palette of cats, in black.  For those of you who know us well, it makes sense that we wouldn’t want multi-colored cats that aren’t visually coordinated with each other, doesn’t it?    We would constantly be rearranging the cats on various pieces of furniture.  “I’m sorry Tiger, but  I am going to have to move you to the brown leather chair because your stripes and colour are really clashing with the green chair and floral pillow.  I can’t even think!"

What do you mean flowers and cats don't go together?

So, to make things easy and keep
calmness in our surroundings we have chosen to have all black cats.  They go with everything!  And on top of that if you hold two of them together while being photographed you can appear to weigh up to 7 pounds lighter!  And often if all three of them are napping together on our cream coloured sofa they can look like casual throw pillows.  An unplanned, yet fortuitous outcome that has certainly contributed to some savings in the interior décor budget of our  household.   Who knew?  Maybe we should get some more!


Fountain water for me, please...


  1. Lovely pictures! Sounds like quite a life... for the cats :)