Monday, January 2, 2017

A Copy and Paste New Year's Greeting...

 Happy New Year to all!

Just for fun I have copied and pasted below all kinds of crazy things that happen on the art show circuit.  As a member of a few online art forums, a lot of information gets shared.  Sometimes it's helpful, and sometimes it's pretty cringe-worthy.

For any of you who think being an artist means living the glamorous life, here are a few excerpts of crazy things that have happened in one fashion or another to all of us who exhibit our art around the country at outdoor festivals.  You may decide to keep your day job after all!

These are answers to the following question from our forum:   "What is the weirdest thing that has happened in your booth while exhibiting at a festival?"...

Someone cut off a finger.
OMG, was it the whole finger, or just a tip?
It was about 1 inch, at St James Festival.  I also had a dude at Jazz Fest run one of my paring knives up his arm.
I still use the pedestal top with the blood stain on it.

I had a woman walk up to my booth pushing a stroller as I got closer to see what was in it, I have to tell you it wasn't a baby.  It was a huge Iguana on a leash. 

I had a lady confide to me that she was walking around the event spreading her parents ashes, because they always enjoyed the event so much. I checked my booth after she left and found no ashes, but saw the bag with the ashes, and the hole cut to allow a small amount at a time out as she walked around. She tipped it up in my booth so no ashes spilled there. 

A woman walked into my booth and immediately walked over and smelled my paintings. I guess she wanted to make sure they were real oil paintings.

I had a lady pick up each of my pendants and hold it first to her forehead, and then put it between her breasts to "check the energy". She eventually decided that one had the right energy & purchased it. 

A girl threw up all over my display curtains, & then walked off. 

Found a pair of panties and a dollar bill in my booth when I opened it up in the morning. 

After a short visit about my work a lady handed me a small bag with a peace sign printed on the outside. Inside was a baggy of pot because she thought I was cool. 

Someone threw up on the outside of my booth at Rittenhouse Square festival. And the police caught a couple having sex in the booth next to me at the Gainesville Downtown fall show. It was during the night and it was a leather artists booth. 

A pretty young girl came in and wanted a ring band for her toe. She asked my husband if he thought it fit ok....she had her leg up On the a Skirt..n no underwear!
Full Frontal!! 

At one show another female artist came over distraught. A family had come into her booth, under her tent, laid out a blanket and were going to eat lunch there!! 

An honest to god flasher at the Philly museum show about 6 years ago. hung a sweatshirt over his forearm and went around booth to booth, flashing women who were sitting down. 

A pediatrician came in my booth. Picked out a few things and right before she handed me her credit card she got a phone call. Turns out she was on call that day. And I and other customers got to hear her ask what color the baby's poop was, how many bowel movements the baby had that day and was the baby throwing up also? 

At Ft Worth I had someone start to change their baby's diaper on my desk. I asked them not to. 

A ceramic neighbor behind me found a note the next morning thanking him for the space which they had sex in the night before! Things were moved around and there was a condom on the ground 

I had a juggler once. Not paid entertainment, just a random dude. Came in juggling sticks n bowling pins, but kept dropping them, knocking my paintings around. I filmed it. It was over a hundred degrees out and I was nursing some heat exhaustion so the best I could muster was, "Could you just not do that in here". And he yells "Hey everyone!! Don't come in this booth!!!" He was offended. 

A couple probably in their 70s came into my booth/ she was wearing a see-thru blouse , and he asked everyone how they liked her new boobs 

I also had a lady in my booth that held her dog up to look at everything and bought what the dog showed interest in. If only I had known, I would have put a little dab of food up on the displays 

A woman who was braless had one boob escape and stayed in my crowded booth forever! 

Boca Raton: 3 ladies enter. One asks if she can sit in my director chair. I said sure. They all left in 20 mins. The woman in my chair had Pee'd in it!....... I threw it away right then! 

I had a MOM whisper to her daughter about one of my bracelets, 'Just slip it in your purse.'   I was soooooo shocked and sure enough, her purse was unzipped. I locked eyes with the daughter and it was obvious that I had heard her mom. She hustled her out of there and disappeared into the crowd. I couldn't find them! 

Hope you enjoyed a few laughs, and a break from reading about cats and Steve.  I know Steve in particular was happy not to be the main subject for a change.  That brief respite is over now, as I have accumulated a lot of new material since I last wrote about him :-)



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