Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Creative Avoidance...

 I don't really ever have writer's block.

What I have is "writing" block, which means making the time to sit down and put it all together.  I have pages and pages of notes and anecdotes on my iPad, waiting to be set free into the ether, to be read by whomever sees the blog and pauses long enough to think "ya know, I really ought to take a few minutes to read about those cats again, and that husband who naps a lot and otherwise causes problems when he's awake".

So, I have created, and signed up for, my own self-imposed thirty day content challenge and will be writing and posting daily until April 15th.  My first goal is to learn how to avoid run-on sentences.

I will write about the cats (no surprise there), Steve, and maybe stick a toe in some political water. I plan to make you cry and hope to make you laugh.  Maybe I'll wax philosophical about something or other, and I'm guessing those moments will revolve around aging and how sometimes the alternative of being dead sounds like the better choice.

I will take you with me when I travel and exhibit at art shows and together we can "talk" about the crazy people that stop in our booth and the myriad of pets in strollers, dressed up in hats and aviator sunglasses, birds on people's shoulders, Sugar Gliders in our neighbouring artist's tent (her 'kids'), the python draped around someone's neck like a mink stole, the one person walking seven Maltese dogs at the same time causing the sea of humanity to part so the dogs can get through.  And on and on.  Just like that run-on sentence.

Creative avoidance? I ask myself why, when the setting is so nice.  I'm sitting in the kitchen, almost right next to the litter box (which is occupied I might add), my view is of the washer and dryer, and another cat is on the table next to me drinking out of the Buddha fountain which I had turned on to help create this inspiring ambiance.

Stick with me.  It can't get worse!


  1. A bold commitment Cynthia - but it's great to see you writing again!

  2. Thanks Julie - I needed to find a way to light that proverbial fire under my %$€!!