Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Mascara at 80 MPH...

Several weeks ago Steve and I were up in the Tampa area, running late for an appointment, per usual.

We've never been extremely punctual people, but living in Florida for twenty years has destroyed any ability for us to arrive at a socially appropriate time.  I blame it on the Latin influence down here.  If we arrive an hour late at some party no one even notices, because they're not there yet either!  Sometimes the hostess is still in the shower getting ready.  These are now my people, and I am grateful everyday.

But, back to running late for our appointment.  We do our best to be timely for business meetings, but it can come at a personal cost to me because I often have to finish getting ready in the car.

As we flew up the interstate at eighty-plus miles per hour I had to find my personal rhythm while putting on mascara while Steve darted in and out of traffic, around cars that were obviously not aware of our agenda.  As I swayed back and forth, waiting for a few stable seconds to swipe one set of eyelashes, and then the other, it reminded me of being on a cruise ship in choppy seas.  Feet slightly apart, keep the upper torso loose, and do what you can to stabilize yourself so you don't fall face first into the breakfast buffet.

Within a minute or so I had found my groove and manged to get mascara onto upper and lower lashes, with only a little bit getting smeared onto one contact lens.  I thought to myself, "you know, this was almost more successful than my daily routine in the bathroom every morning!"

We exited off the interstate and I looked at myself in a little handheld mirror (we have a Jeep Wrangler...there are no makeup mirrors installed in this vehicle).  Success!  In fact, I had done such a great job putting on all of my make-up in the car that morning I turned to Steve and said, "Look at me!  I look great!  Don't you think this is the best I have looked in a long time?"

Steve swiveled his head to look at me and said, "I'm not really sure how to answer that question safely."

I gasped, because in that moment two people on bicycles pulled out in front of us to cross the road.  Steve swerved quickly to avoid running over them.

After catching our breath and regaining our composure Steve looked at me and said, "I cannot believe I almost hit those two people.  Can you imagine living with the consequences of that?"
He fell silent for another moment and I could tell he was still quite rattled.  Then he looked at me and said, "On the flip side, the consequences of answering your make-up question incorrectly is quite possibly something I would never survive.  So yes dear, you look amazing!"

 I really love him.  He is so darn cute, and knows me so well.

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