Sunday, March 20, 2016

The challenges of being a hot mess...

Hot mess.  I love that phrase and I only wish it had been around when I looked like what the real meaning is.

But today at the art show I am a hot mess according to my age 'fifty-something' definition.  Which is... totally damp, flat hair due to dripping high humidity and hot flashes.  Mascara stained cheeks because of trying to rub the pollen out of my eye for hours. Swollen ankles from sitting too much and alternatively standing on cement.  I can't take my sunglasses off because only one eye has any makeup on it and the other one is red and bloodshot. Over the course of a few hours I had rubbed my left eye so much I finally took my contact lens out for the fourth time and threw it in the bushes behind me.  The good news was at that point I couldn't really see how badly I looked.  I kept my sunglasses on all day though, as looking like a one-eyed freak is not good for business.

By 10:15 a.m. (the show opened at 10) I already needed to buy a new pair of shoes due to falling arches, plantar fasciitis and a broken bone still on the mend.

Is it too much to ask to have just one day of having everything look and feel good at the same time?  The only solution that seems to bridge that continuous gap for me is tequila.  It used to be a glass of wine, but these days being a 50 something hot mess is a job for tequila.  Don Julio and I have become quite good friends lately.  I anticipate a very long and loving relationship...

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