Thursday, March 17, 2016

Short and sweet...

If it takes me as long today to write this blog as it did yesterday we're going to have to shut down casa | art | studio.

I'm trying to be patient with myself on this new project.  After all, yesterday was only day two I keep reminding myself, but six or seven unplanned interruptions at our studio along with a big technical glitch with Blogger had me using many words that I won't be able to use in my blog.  Pity, because they were so descriptive.

I had written the bulk of the blog between 9-9:30.  About seven hours later I was finally able to hit the 'Publish' button.  I'd have to say that's not a particularly good use of my time. 

Fortunately I was able to gather my wits about me, and perseverance helped me win the battle as I found a work around for the tech issue.  At that point I was reminded how good it feels to stick with something until you reach your goal.  It's quite easy to lose sight of that in the midst of the problem.

And of course I felt entitled to a reward afterward, so our evening plans of no drinking and healthy eating quickly turned into cocktails with steamed potstickers for an appetizer, sautéed wild caught shrimp served on a bed of Farro with caramelized shallots and mushrooms, a side of asparagus and a nice bottle of wine.  It's important to celebrate the wins, isn't it?

Suddenly I find myself looking forward to some technical issues today 😄


  1. Loving your blog challenge Cynthia. But... What are potstickers?! ��

  2. Chinese dumplings...done in a wonton skin and stuffed with minced pork or shrimp plus scallions, maybe a bit of garlic. They are terrific. You've probably has them but call them by a different name I'm guessing!